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Sam Kinison Wild Child DVD

This DVD contains over six half hours of Sam, making it a tremendous value.  Several hour-long sets at different times in Sam's stand up career are included, along with a tribute documentary including Rodney Dangerfield and others.  This is the one Sam Kinison DVD you want to get.
Have You Seen Me Lately? CD

This comedy CD includes Sam rants such as "Rock Against Drugs?", "Robo-Pope", and "Sexual Diaries". 
Once you have heard Sam Kinison's comedy, you can never forget it. 

This comedic genius was a frequent guest on the Stern Show, and Howard is still a great admirer of his talent. 

While we obviously can't get any new content from Sam, you can still buy some fantastic DVD and CD collections of his best material.
Sam Kinison Have You Seen Me Lately
Sam Kinison Live CD
Sam Kinison Wild Child DVD
Sam Kinison Live From Hell CD

The best Sam standup CD.  Includes his rap about being late for the Joan Rivers show as well as "the Kurds", "Rap Sucks", "The Homeless" and so much more.