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Private Parts DVD

The famous story of Howard’s rise to the top. Watch as he battles both radio executives and the temptation to cheat on his wife. Directed by Betty Thomas, with Mary McCormack as Alison Stern. Great cameos by Robin Quivers and Fred Norris.
New Years Rotten Eve

Out of print, but available in VHS format for about $10. This 1994 pay per view special features almost two hours of Elephant Boy, Daniel Carver (the KKK guy), a beauty pageant, and some busting on Michael Jackson and Jerry Seinfeld.  Should also come with  Leroy Neiman poster of Howard.
The Howard Stern "Channel 9" Shows

A must have for any real fan, the “Channel 9 shows” are another name for Howard’s weekly Saturday night bit show, which ran from 1990 to 1991 on the WOR network. About 70 shows were shot, too much killer material to go over in detail here. 
Butt Bongo Fiesta

Howard's 1992 pay per view special.  Butt Bongo Fiesta is also out of print, but is available online. Watch Jessica Hahn, Lesbian Dial a Date, Gary in an ape suit--it’s all there. Make sure it comes with the 3D glasses!  This tape also has a segment where Captain Janks goes out on a date with John DeBella's wife (long time fans will remember the John DeBella saga).
Throughout the late 80's and early 90's, Howard Stern released several TV specials to his audience as a way to show uncensored content and showcase some of the more visual bits. 

All are available to buy online and make a great gift for a diehard fan.
Howard Stern's US Open Sores

This is Howard’s least known VHS release, from 1989. Highlights include Sam Kinison and one of Howard’s classic hypnotizing-the-chick (Kimberly Taylor) routines.  Howard challenges Gary to a tennis match at Nassau Coliseum.  
Howard Stern Private Parts Movie
Howard Stern's Rotten New Year's Eve
Howard Stern Channel 9 Shows
Howard Stern Butt Bongo Fiesta
Howard Stern US Open Sores
Howard Stern Negligee And Underpants Party
Howard Stern's Negligee And Underpants Party

Howard's first VHS release from 1988. Highlights include Sam Kinison and one of Howard’s classic hypnotizing-the-chick (Kimberly Taylor) routines.  Also watch Gary get his teeth capped.  Make sure your copy includes the bonus poster.