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Ren and Stimpy: The First Two Seasons

Has the first two seasons of the crazy, mindbending show, along with uncut episodes and some other DVD extras. Ren and Stimpy is truly an under-appreciated great animated show from the recent past.  Uptight Ren is constantly going into psychotic episodes at the unintentional instigation of Stimpy.

Anyone remember "Happy Happy Joy Joy"?
Billy West was an on air contributor on the Stern Show from 1989 through 1995. 

He is best known for his amazing and shockingly funny impersonations, doing characters such as Marge Schott, Red (from the Tube Bar), Jackie, Larry Fine, and Jay Leno. 

Billy continued to do voicework for such shows as Futurama after leaving the Stern Show.
Futurama Vols. 1-4

Billy West is the voice of Fry, the main character of Futurama.  Billy also does Zoidberg and Prof. Farnsworth as well. This set contains all the Futurama episodes from the original 1993 - 2003 series run.
Billy West Ren and Stimpy
Billy West Futurama