50 Ways To Rank Your Mother
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The fights, the wars, busting on Gary, busting on Jackie, fighting with Sam Kinison, Billy West/Marge Schott, Bababooey lip jokes…the good old days. Back when Howard Stern was married, frustrated and extra angry. You can buy CD and mp3 compilations of “best of whoever”, the 9/11 shows and so much more on eBay. If it's classic Stern, you can find it and buy it.
Crucified By The FCC

Released in 1991, this CD box set includes classic show moments and some bits that were censored by whatever station Howard was with at the time.  Tracks include some Kinison drama, Howard's family, phony phone calls and some Bob and Ray.
Although the Stern Show has never been better, many fans remember fondly the period from the late 80's through the early 90's, when Howard was angrier and more politically incorrect than he is today. 

During this period, Howard was able to release a few albums of material as a way to generate some additional revenue while getting around FCC censorship.
50 Ways To Rank Your Mother

Howard’s 1982 LP is now a collector's item and can cost up to $150.  Worth the price just for the picture of Howard on the cover with his great early 80's mustache and disco haircut.
Classic Howard Stern
Howard Stern Crucified By The FCC
Unclean Beaver

This CD was released in 1994 and is actually just a rerelease of the same material in 50 Ways To Rank Your Mother (above).  Can be purchased for around $5.
Howard Stern Unclean Beaver