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Prank Calls, Crank Calls and Phony Phone Calls
Customer Service Disasters

Touchtone Terrorist characters Billy Bob and Junkyard Willie confuse, vex and harass innocent callers merely looking for customer service.  But instead they have to deal with Junkyard Willie and his incompetent supervisor, Billy Bob.
The Stern Show generates its own prank calls through Richard and Sal.

But over the years Howard has featured the work of some other master phone prankers including The Touch Tone Terrorists, Captain Janks, and Jim Florentine.
Captain Janks CD
Touch Tone Terrorists Customer Service Disasters
Jim Florentine Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. 3

Jim Florentine starts off with the classic “I Got Mail!” call, also has the “horny priest” call.  Now available in MP3 format as well as CD.
King Of The Cranks - Captain Janks

This is Captain Janks crank call collection, released in 1996.  The great news for consumers is that unused CDs are going for $0.68. 
Jim Florentine Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. 5

Jim Florentine's 2010 release is available on MP3 or CD.  Has great calls like "Yes No I Don't Know" and "Pole Guy" which were played on the Stern show.
Jim Florentine Terrorizing Telemarketers V3
Jim Florentine Terrorizing Telemarketers V5
Red Howard Stern Tube Bar Calls
Tube Bar Prank Call 35th Anniversary Edition

The original prank callers that Howard loved in his younger days.  Back in the 70's a bunch of New Jersey kids would pranks call a surly bartender named Red (this is the source of Billy West's Red impression).  Red would always respond with angry threats of violence.