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It's The Whiskey Talking DVD

Artie’s 2005 DVD stand-up release is refreshingly raw and politically incorrect. If you love Artie’s degenerate side, you’ll like this DVD.
Old School - Unrated Edition

Artie has a secondary role in this Will Ferrell/Luke Wilson comedy.  Great scene where Will Ferrell shoots himself up with animal tranquilizer. Unrated version.
Artie Lange's comedy is real, honest and hilarious. 

Although he's off the Stern show now, his comedy lives on in several "for adults only" comedy DVDs. 

Artie also authored a revealing autobiography and has acted in several well known comedies.

Artie plays a kind of supporting role as a seedy department-store Santa in Elf.  Now there’s a stretch.
Dirty Work

Artie’s famous “work of shame” also has appearances by Gary Coleman, Chris Farley, Chevy Chase, and Don Rickles. Directed by Bob Saget. Not as bad as it is made out to be on the HS show.
Artie Lange: The Interviews

Collection of interviews with Artie covering his Mad TV era, his start and maturation on the Stern show, and on up through 2008.
Artie Lange It's The Whiskey Talking
Artie Lange Too Fat To Fish
Artie Lange The Interviews
Artie Lange Beer League
Artie Lange Too Fat To Fish

Artie’s autobiography is not only funny, but dishes a lot of personal dirt about his struggle with drugs and the loss of his father.  Great vignettes about guido life as well.
Artie Lange's Beer League Movie

The movie that drove Artie to exhaustion.  Artie Lange's Beer League is a "no gut, no glory" story of a bunch of Jersey guys and their underperforming beer league team.  Solid "lowbrow", politically incorrect humor. 
Artie Lange Dirty Work
Elf movie
Artie Lange Old School