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Snart CD or MP3

Snart is Jackie’s most recent release, the one he was asking help for in order to get a Grammy nomination.  Available in both MP3 and CD formats.
Known for his rapid fire delivery and his knowledge of every joke out there, Jackie has released a number of comedy CDs. 

Jackie the Jokeman has also put out a joke machine for kids which is actually a collectible right now. 

Don't worry, it's not his usual dirty material.
Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling's Disgustingly Dirty Joke Book

All of the classically offensive jokes you would expect from Jackie, except in book form.  Does what is says and says what it does.
Sgt Pecker CD or MP3

Jackie’s 1996 release, with all the lewd material you would expect from Mr. Martling.
F Jackie CD or MP3

More filthy Jackie, released in 2000.  Features titles such as "Knobs and Gnashers" and "Travelers and Tubesteaks".  Enough said.
The Jokemaster Jr.

This is a child's toy with 141 G rated jokes.  Press a button and hear a joke in Jackie's sped up voice.  This product turned out to be popular with the kids who got it, although it can drive a parent nuts.  Also a bit of a collectible, with some versions going for $99.
Jackie Jokeman Martling F Jackie
Jackie Jokeman Jokemaster Jr
Jackie Martling Sgt Pecker
Joke Master Jr Audio CD - Ages 3-12

CD containing the joke material from the JokeMaster machine above.  Obviously for kids only.  MP3 version also available for download.
Jackie Martling Joke Book
Jackie Martling Jokemaster Jr CD
Jackie Jokeman Martling Grossmaster Jr
Gross Master Jr - Ages 12-16

CD or MP3 joke compilation for kids in their early teens from Jackie.
Jackie Jokeman Martling Snart