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Ronnie The Limo Driver Mund Stuff
Mambo Cologne

Ronnie claims that women go wild for this particular cologne, which he orders in multiple units.  When this was first discussed on air, fans went to the product page on Amazon and entered in some hilarious reviews.  You can tell that customers who didn't listen to the show were totally baffled by these types of comments.
Black Mock Turtlenecks

While Ronnie has shunned mock turtlenecks lately in favor of skull related attire, you can still relive the recent past by donning your own black mock turtleneck and wearing it under a sport coat.  That way, people might think you were in the Mafia back in 1988.
Ronnie Mund Mudflaps
Ronnie Mund Mambo Cologne
Ronnie Mund Mock Turtleneck
Playboy Mud Flaps or Splash Guards

Class up your vehicle and impress others with a Playboy splash guard slash mud flap.  This item also sends a subtle message to females that you are an eligible man-about-town who is open to a potential dalliance.
Ronnie is Howard's head of security. 

As such, he has not released any material or products on his own. 

However, Ronnie is all about meeting guys and all about meeting girls. 

Thus he maintains a certain style and panache that can be yours if you purchase the right products.